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Our customer base ranges from pickleball paddles retailers, wholesalers, clubs, sports brands, event organizers, etc.

You may be looking for a kimchi manufacturer for several reasons:

Whether it is price budget, hope to provide more product choices, or high quality requirements, or hope to provide a complete supply chain service, we are the best choice.

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Our Featured Pickleball paddle

According to the characteristics of the product and the suggestions of professional athletes, we recommend a racket for entry-level, intermediate players, advanced players, and professional players.

Why choose us?

We are a group of sports-loving and enthusiastic fans of pickleball sports, and also a professional pickleball paddles manufacturer

Professional and dedicated

10 years of professional carbon fiber production experience, 5 years of focus on OEM customized production of pickleball paddles

Design and innovation

Creative designers and professional R&D partners follow the rapid development of Pickleball paddles

Process and equipment

Using the most advanced equipment in the industry and the best processing technology

Quality and after-sales

Quality control team and attentive and gentle customer service staff from Japanese companies

About Us

In southern China, with the strong support of the parent company LSCarbongift and the local government, we have the largest production base of Peak rackets and the most complete varieties. We insist on using high-quality honeycomb core and imported carbon fiber material (graphene) surface to make pickleball and paddles reach the best understanding with you.

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About Us

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What core material can you choose
We have Aluminum Core,Nomex Core and Poly Core can choose.... Learn More
What surface can you choose
White fiberglass 、Unidirectional weave 、3K plain weave 、3K twill weave 、12K weave 、Pink Diamond weave、Purple Diamond weave、Silver Diamond weave、Gold Diamond weave、Blue Diamond weave、Grey Diamond weave 、Red Metallic silk、Gold Metallic silk、Green Metallic silk、Blue Metallic silk、Silver Metallic silk 、Aluminum surface... Learn More
How to choose Traditional Pickleball Paddles, Semi Elongated Pickleball Paddles, Elongated Pickleball Paddles
The Traditional Pickleball Paddles has a larger surface and a standard size grip, and is more square. The Semi Elongated Pickleball Paddles is too long, which has reached a larger contact area, and the width is also as wide as possible to maintain a wider range of shots The long foot pads of Elongated Pickleball Paddles can expand the reach, so you will have a slight advantage in the court, and the contact point on the lower side is smaller, so you need to hit the ball more accurately.... Learn More
What are the effects of paddles of different weights
The weight range of the paddle is generally 6 to 8 ounces. Lighter propellers can provide you with greater maneuverability and faster reaction time, while heavier propellers can provide you with greater power and stability when shooting off-center. ... Learn More

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