Pickleball Paddle With Largest Sweet Spot

Panel Material:Fiberglass/UD/3K/12K/Diamond Carbon Fiber

Honeycomb Core:Polymer/Aramid fiber/Aluminum

Printing Method:UV Printing/Matte Paint/Granular Effect

Size:Customized Largest Sweet Spot

Colour:Your Design


Handle Grip:1.5mm PU Leather Or Custom


Package:Opp bag/Carton/Sling bag/Paddle Cover


Production Capacity:100000PCS/Month


1.The biggest difference between the largest sweet spot is that it is fatter than the normal pickleball paddle.

2.A large consistent sweet spot where they can control the ball and hit a predictable shot even.

3.Like other pickleball paddles, its honeycomb core and surface materials can be customized.

4.It has the characteristics of high strength, durability, and increased ball rotation.

Pickleball paddles.jpg


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