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Choose Your Style   Customize Your Paddle

We decompose the pickleball paddle. You can know the various parts of the paddle in detail through the anatomical diagram below, allowing you to customize your pickleball paddle completely according to your needs:


Pickleball Paddle Core Material Composition

We have common honeycomb materials on the market to meet the production requirements of pickleball paddle:

Aluminum Core Paddles

Nomex Core Paddles

Poly Core Paddles


Paddle Hitting Surface Material Composition

Here you can find the most surface materials, and most of them are 100% carbon fiber materials:

White fiberglass, Unidirectional weave, 3K plain weave, 3K twill weave, 12K weave, Pink Diamond weave, Purple Diamond weave, Silver Diamond weave, Gold Diamond weave, Blue Diamond weave, Grey Diamond weave, Red Metallic silk, Gold Metallic silk, Green Metallic silk, Blue Metallic silk, Silver Metallic silk, Aluminum surface

If you want to increase the spinning effect of the ball, we recommend that you add a frosted layer of material to the above.


Pickleball Paddle Surface Feel Composition

Your favorite pattern will be displayed on the racket through the UV print method;

If you are a professional player and often participate in competitions, we recommend that you Add matte clear coat on surface, so as to avoid the influence of the sun’s reflection on the competition of others


Pickleball Paddle Other parts

Other parts are also a very important part of the paddle. If this part is what you like and is of high quality, it will avoid embarrassing scenes during your play. If you have special requirements for Edge guards and grip handle Demands, you should let us know.


Pickleball Paddle Dimensions& Weight

Whether it is Traditional Pickleball Paddles, Semi Elongated Pickleball Paddles or Elongated Pickleball Paddles, or you have a personalized size, it can be achieved through our high-tech equipment.

The weight of the paddles will really play a huge role in how they feel in your hands. Most pickleball enthusiasts will agree that weight is the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a new paddle. For the most part, pickleball paddles range in weight from six to 14 ounces.

Please tell me the weight of your request, and we will take care of it.

Of course, you can also submit your more personalized requirements in the following ways


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