Pickleball Paddles Manufacturer Why Choose Us?

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1.Enjoy The Full-Package Pickleball Paddles Manufacturing Service:


2. Provide customized solution of whole industrial chain;

   ①    Service for Amazon merchant

Provide OEM service with multi-specification and cost effective for Pickleball Paddle Set according to our market feedback and customers’requirements.

Service for branded retailer

Accord with customers’custom requirments,provide designdevelopment and professional custom service for OEM.

Service for branded manufacturer

According to your requirements,can individually supply parts material service such as  Pickleball RAW Paddlesprint and accessories etc.easily meet USA market requirements.Certainly we can also provide complete product service of whole set ,and accord with your initial design.

3.Provide solution of different rough surface:

Nowadays,most of industry use rough and granular surface to increase the roughness of paddle surface,this effect is not lasting, and not eco-friendly, quality is also unstable. 

We have made two kinds of rough surface,the first is to increase the surface roughness with the ink when printing the pattern,this rough effect is more uniform and durable.

The second is to add a layer of frosted cloth on surface to increase the roughness by using of manufacturing technology of carbon plate,the rough surface of this method is more beautiful and more durable than the first method.Now it is the first choice for many brands.

4. Provide paddles solution of rare material attribute in the industry:

   The commonly used materials in the industry are PP+ fiberglass or UD carbon fiber, while as a manufacturer of carbon fiber raw materials, we own a wider range of carbon fiber materials, including the diamond weave, metal wire, 3K, 12K and other carbon fiber materials with better performance rarely in the industry, which often serve the international big brands.

5. Provide a variety of elegant pattern solutions:

Most of customers prefer UV printing to print their designs on Paddles, but some simple patterns can also be silk-printed to achieve the design effect and reflect the surface material of Paddles.
  For the exquisite patterns designs by a few high-end customers, such as gold, silver, copper and other  accurate color requirements, we suggest using more advanced water labels to make patterns.

6. Provide a variety of accessories and packing solutions:

A good racket, especially for the fans and brands who seek individuation, unique accessories and packaging is also very important. We can provide customized parts such as hand glue, back cover and exquisite personalized packaging service, of course, this may require you to meet our MOQ.

7. Leading production equipment and technology:

     At presentwe own complete production line for Pickleball Paddles from raw material processing,the latest automatic equipment to solve quality stability bias effect from more manual production . You will  see different production lines with our competitor when you have a chance to visit our factory!

8. Increasingly production capacity:

At present, our capacity is 30000pcs monthly, with the new plant putting into operation next year,it is expected to produce about 80000pcs monthly.



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