Professional design and production carbon fiber gifts

1.More than 10 years carbon fiber products manufacture
2.The first of carbon fiber products supplier
3.Develop a various of carbon fiber products constantly
4.Creating special,high technology's carbon fiber luxury gifts

We have the power to design research and development team

1.To offer more custom carbon fiber services
2.To update more create carbon fiber products
3.Introduction of new equipment, improving technology

On average 99.56% qualified rate ,0.035% unqualified rate

1.100% of import raw material
2.learning and using Japan's company management system
3.Factory have passed ISO9001 certification.
4.Man-machine to check before we sent.

35% premature delivery rate, 62% on time delivery rate, 3% Reasonable delivery rate

1.more than 5000 square meters factory
2.All ERP system process management and node control.

24-hour service

1.Professional Seller communication
2.Specifically for follow up the after-sale services
3.Factory Manager real time monitoring