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        Located in Dongguan, China, LS Carbon Gift is a leading supplier of carbon fiber gifts in China. We are committed to bringing carbon fiber to every single person, every family and every industry to experience high-quality carbon fiber life.

        At present, the company has a workshop with 5000 sqm , covering carbon fiber board, carbon fiber tube, CNC, molding and printing, total 5 processing centers. Company has past ISO9001 certification with more than 10 patent certificates.

       With the passion and professionalism with carbon fiber, we aim to enhance the customer brand value so to meet the diverse needs of the market. To provide competitive, practical and innovative products, solutions and services in the areas of daily necessities, accessories and office supplies, and open cooperation with...




Professional custom production of carbon fiber gifts

  • 1.Provide customers with carbon fiber gift overall solution.
  • 2.Focus on the design, production and sales of carbon fiber gifts.
  • 3.Outdoor products ,luggage gifts,office gifts , living goods,and other series
  • 4.To provide customers with excellent production services based on customer.
Professional custom production of carbon fiber gifts

Leading Scale

The production scale of the same industry ranked second in China for five consecutive years,and the personnel scale ranked first.

Leading Technology

Carbon fiber platen,coil,CNC,die pressing,printing,and metal combination technology,technology far ahead.

Leading Equipment

The most advanced equipment in the industry and continue to upgrade and optimize,toward full automation.

Leading Management

Through standardized process management,the company is the first to obtain SIO9001 management system certification.

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