Outdoor sports products
Outdoor sports products

OEM polycore with carbon fiber face pickleball paddle

●100% real carbon fiber 
●The weight very light
●High strength

Product Details

OEM polycore with carbon fiber face pickleball paddle

Pickleball Paddles :Compared to badminton rackets, the racket sports product have slower speed and exercise intensity in hitting the ball . It is a popular sports products, especially for the elderly. Lishang's carbon fiber racket has a large thickness, light weight and good stability. The covered head protection system prevent to contact the ground to cause damage, effectively protect the racquet. The handle is made of carbon fiber material with non-slip wearable and light weight. it has a good grip and feels , Let the wrist twist freely.

Product Parameters
Size      Weight         Handle Material
398mm*194mm*10.5mm155g120-125mm Diamond carbon fiber+PP
Package Instruction
 Package type Package materialPackage size Package weight
PP bagppNonNon