Carbon fiber signature pen

●100% real carbon fiber 
●Carbon fiber weave 
●Smooth writing
●hard wearing
●Light weight

Product Details

Carbon fiber signature pen

        This carbon fiber gel pen, the bullet tip is elastic and smooth, hand-painted sketch, smooth ink, fast pull is not easy to break the ink, make the bleeding more smooth, artificial body design pen grip design, correct grip posture, between the pen and the cap It is a lock, easy to carry, unique texture, novel tapered design, the pen is made of real carbon fiber, the pen body is light and the writing is not fatigued. It is your best companion for business trips, business occasions, signatures, etc.
Product Parameters
Size       Weight          Color      Material
130mm*18mm 30g Black 3K carbon fiber
Package Instruction
 Package type  Package material Package size  Package weight
Gift box copperplate paper 180mm*72mm*25mm 75g