Office products
Office products

Carbon fiber signature pen

●100% real carbon fibe
●hard wearing
●Light weight
●Smooth writing
●Carbon fiber weave 
●Min.order:1 pieces

Product Details

Carbon fiber signature pen

Product Parameters:

    Size : 135mm*12mm
    Weight :33g
    Color :Black
    Material :inner copper +outer carbon fiber + chromium steel

Package Instruction:

    Package type :gift boxes
    Package material :copperplate paper 
    Package size :180mm*72mm*25mm
    Package weight :75g

Ordering Instructions:

    In stock :Yes
    Customize :accept
    MOQ :50 pcs
    Sample :Yes 
    Delivery :Express

    Delivery time :5-10 working days

Product Features:

    ●Nice surface
    ●hard wearing
    ●Light weight
    ●Smooth writing

Product Description:

Carbon fiber signature pen - For office workers, there are endless copywriting every day. For writing, the pen is also the key, so choose a good pen for writing homework and copywriting has a great help. And this unique carbon fiber pen makes the writing smoother, and makes the font more refined. With a high-quality pen, you will feel much better when you write. This carbon fiber gel pen is simple with a strong business style, it will be good to use it to write, it also can correct the grip position, form a good writing habit, daily writing and Chinese writing can be chosen at will.