Carbon fiber roller pen

●100% real carbon fiber 
●Carbon fiber weave 
●Smooth writing
●hard wearing
●Light weight

Product Details

Carbon fiber roller pen

        Lishang’s carbon fiber signature pens are all in a stylish shape, which is easy to store and carry around. Exquisite and stylish nib, imported ink, not easy to fade, smooth writing, wearable and durable, slender pen, metal material, thick hand, writing stability, let you write more exquisite fonts, so that you have different writing Experience, let you write your own life in fun, fashion, unique, whether you are a student or an office worker, in daily writing, it is indispensable.
Product Parameters
Size       Weight          Color      Material
133mm*13mm 28.5g Black inner copper +outer carbon fiber + chromium steel
Package Instruction
 Package type  Package material Package size  Package weight
Gift box copperplate paper 180mm*72mm*25mm 75g