Carbon fiber cigar case

●100% real carbon fiber
●smooth and shiny
●Creative shape
●Nice surface

Product Details

Carbon Fiber Cigar Case 2 Packs

Cigar case- The large size of Cigar box can be equipped with a maximum of 58 ring diameter cigars. The overall design is made of carbon fiber. It is suitable for loading cigars of different sizes at the same time. Ultra-lightweight material, weighing only 20 grams.

Product features: with three-dimensional carbon fiber material texture, the high standard steel mold hot-pressed pure carbon fiber cigar box  is elegant and exquisite that feel comfortable and meet your needs. With the characteristic of wear-resisting , corrosion resistance the product could provide you with practical and bring unlimited beauty .

1. Crafted to ensure that every piece of carbon fiber products is a boutique, giving you unlimited visual beauty.

2. The product material is selected from imported carbon fiber instead of domestic carbon fiber.

3. The surface of the product is specially treated and has a layer of UV paint to protect your product.

Product Parameters
Size      Weight         Color     Material
155mm*50mm*26mm28gBlack 3K carbon fiber
Package Instruction
 Package type Package materialPackage size Package weight
gift boxeswood material180mm*105mm*37mm145g