Daily Necessities
Daily Necessities

carbon fiber bottle opener

●100% real carbon fiber 
●High strength
●rust inhibition coating
●Light weight
●Long life
●Min.order:1 pieces

Product Details

Carbon fiber bottle opener

Product Parameters:

    Size : 65mm*40mm *3.2mm
    Weight : 29g
    Color :black and white color

    Material :3k carbon fiber +zinc alloy

Package Instruction:

    Package type :Non
    Package material :Non
    Package size :Non

    Package weight :Non

Ordering Instructions:

    In stock :Yes
    Customize :accept
    MOQ :500 pcs
    Sample :Accept
    Delivery :Express

    Delivery time :5-10 working days

Product Features:

    ●100% true carbon fiber

    ●High strength

    ●rust inhibition coating

    ●Light weight

    ●Long life

    ●The surface is a panda pattern

Product Description:

        Wine is a culture. It can effectively activate the atmosphere when family and friends meet. In addition, sometimes a person alone at home, and occasionally a drink, is also a very enjoyable life experience.
Recently, Lishang Industrial, which focuses on the carbon fiber keychain bottle opener , has introduced a national treasure-grade carbon fiber keychain bottle opener in history. This bottle opener not only combines the new material carbon fiber with zinc alloy, but also integrates into Chinese culture, and the Chinese national animal protection panda, the perfect way to show the image of the national treasure through the keychain bottle opener.