Carbon fiber ring

●Meticulous and exquisite
●100% real carbon fiber 
●individual personality
●no allergies
●Nice surface

Product Details

Carbon fiber ring

Men true nature should be a unique side. Fashion and cool carbon fiber ring is very suitable for men with personality, especially wearing a cool black clothing with this ring will add a lot of points for you . In normal life, men still need to match some small accessories to decorate themselves. This carbon-fiber ring is made of tungsten-plated solid carbon fiber, which makes the surface look simple and clean, which is suitable for polite business men. Imagining a man dressed in a very elegant will be more masculine if he wear a suitable carbon fiber ring on  hand.

Product Parameters
Size      Weight         Color     Material
number 7 /number 8 /number 9 /number 1012gBlue silk /blackTungsten steel +carbon fiber
Package Instruction
 Package type Package materialPackage size Package weight
gift boxcopperplate paper +velvet60mm*60mm*45mm40g