Carbon fiber pen

●100% real carbon fiber 
●Carbon fiber weave 
●Smooth writing
●hard wearing
●Light weight

Product Details

Carbon fiber pen

For the office workers, there are endless copywriting every day. In short, they are spent writing and writing. For the writing, the pen is also the key. Therefore, choosing a good pen is very great for writing homework and copywriting help. And this unique carbon fiber pen makes the writing smoother, and makes the font more refined. With a high-quality pen, you will feel much better when you write. This carbon fiber gel pen is simple and atmospheric, has a strong business style, it will be good to use it to write, feel good, can correct the grip position, form a good writing habit, daily writing and Chinese writing can be chosen at will.
Product Parameters
Size      Weight         Color     Material
130mm*18mm30gBlackinner copper +outer carbon fiber + chromium steel
Package Instruction
 Package type Package materialPackage size Package weight
Gift boxcopperplate paper180mm*72mm*25mm75g