Carbon fiber cigar ashtray

●Forged chaotic carbon fiber material
●100% real carbon fiber 
●smooth and shiny
●Nice surface

Product Details

Carbon fiber cigar ashtray

Ignite the fragrance of the cigar, the memory drifts with the smoke, let the good times of the past reappear in nothingness:

with good performance and shape Lishang carbon fiber ashtray is suitable for high-grade business clubs. Carbon fiber can withstand high temperatures of around 700 degrees Celsius. The high temperature of cigarette burning can not cause any damage and long service life.

This carbon-fiber ashtray is made of forged carbon fiber same with the Lamborghini body used , which is similar to the natural marble texture and is very luxurious. In addition to its practical functions, it is also a kind of art craft with a certain artistic appreciation value.

 Lishang's designers interpret life with art, define trends with design, and let dreams shine into life. After many times of thinking, this 3D creative carbon fiber ashtray has a distinct shape and distinct personality.

Product Parameters
Size       Weight          Color      Material
180mm*180mm*52mm hollow 470g solid 1600g Black  3K carbon fiber
Package Instruction
 Package type  Package material Package size  Package weight
gift boxes copperplate paper 210mm*210mm*60mm 230g