Carbon fiber keychain

●100% real carbon fiber 
●corrosion resistant
●Light weight 
●High strength
●Min.order:1 pieces

Product Details

Carbon Fiber Keychain

Product Parameters:

    Size :card 27mm*52mm*2.8mm
    Weight :21g
    Color :Black 

    Material :3K carbon fiber +zinc alloy

Package Instruction:

    Package type :normal packing
    Package material :PP
    Package size :70mm*5mm*1.0mm

    Package weight :0.5g

Ordering Instructions:

    In stock :Yes
    Customize :accept
    MOQ :50 pcs
    Sample :yes
    Delivery :Express

    Delivery time :5-10 working days

Product Features:

    ●corrosion resistant
    100% real carbon fiber 
    ●Light weight 
    ●High strength
    ●High gloss

    ●3D creative

Product Description:

        Both Carbon fiber keychain and zinc alloy keychain have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and wear resistance, it will not be deformed due to repeated use. This 3D creative keychain, the front and back LOGO uses zinc alloy to protrude outward, and the main part is made of real carbon fiber material, which has outstanding visual appeal. This carbon fiber keychain could be as gifts carried with customer. I will be pleasantly surprised by your choice. Creative, stylish, classic, and refined carbon fiber keychain not only used as a simple keychain, but also an important bag accessory, you are worthy of fashion.