Extravagant carbon fiber cigar case

Extravagant carbon fiber cigar case

Cigar is a living thing. It needs a certain temperature and humidity to ensure its quality.Cigars are like alcohol, and the taste will not dissipate as time goes by, but it will become thicker and thicker.A cigar stored in a suitable environment and the price can be turned over several times.The best conditions to preserve cigars are temperature of 18℃ and humidity of 70 %RH.The cigar case insulates the cigar from the outside world and keeps it in its best condition.

A well-preserved cigar case is undoubtedly essential for anyone who enjoys cigars.Traditional cigar boxes are inevitably affected by moisture and insects, and the top wooden cigar boxes are made of cigar or mahogany, walnut, rosewood, etc. They are exquisite and expensive.

Carbon fiber is a new material that's used in many industries, and this time we're bringing you carbon fiber cigar case.Carbon fiber is technically sound, and is now used in cigar cases.carbon fiber cigar cases are thin, but very strong. carbon fiber cigar cases  are a good choice in situations where you can squeeze.The carbon fiber cigar box is sealed with a fastener to lock the moisture in the box, which can have a good moisture retention effect, thus achieving a moisture balance and creating a good storage environment for cigars.

Cheap wooden cigar boxes are prone to damp and moth-eaten and lack styling design. Top-of-the-line wooden cigar boxes are made of high-quality wood, beautifully shaped but expensive.The strong three-dimensional appearance of carbon fiber cigar box, good sealing environment, super light quality, super hardness, smooth streamline modeling, is the only choice for cigar lovers.