Carbon fiber knuckles

●100% real carbon fiber 
●The weight very light
●Convenient to receive
●High strength

Product Details

Carbon fiber knuckles

Knuckle is a common weapon for fighting boxers and a game props. In modern life, people mainly used for self-defense. Lishang's assault with carbon fiber knuckle to the shape of the four-finger, ergonomic design, the overall structure is beautiful, the grip is comfortable and easy to attack. Made of pure carbon fiber material, it has light weight and high strength, which is very suitable for the product characteristics of the tiger. You can put it in the car, self-use in times of crisis, carbon fiber knuckle can also break the window and related hard objects to save yourself. Cherish life, please use it with caution! ! !

Product Parameters
Size       Weight          Color      Material
112mm*61.5mm*8mm 40g Black 3k carbon fiber
Package Instruction
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