Money Clip&Wallet&Card Holder
Money Clip&Wallet&Card Holder

Carbon fiber credit card holder

●100% real carbon fiber 
●luxury surface 
●Business type 
●RFID Blocking
●light weight

Product Details

Carbon fiber credit card holder

        After the carbon fiber money clip and carbon fiber wallet, the designer still once again broke through the tradition of combining carbon fiber billfold and carbon fiber wallet to design this carbon fiber credit card holder. It make of lightweight 3K carbon fiber cloth, reasonable layout, large-capacity design, and it is more convenient to carry around with you. The design of the wallet is very simple and convenient, and it also has RFID anti-theft function.

Product Parameters
Size       Weight          Color      Material
115mm*85mm*16mm 37g Black Carbon fiber fabric 
Package Instruction
 Package type  Package material Package size  Package weight
Gift box copperplate paper 125mm*93mm*33mm 50g