Carbon fiber chest bag

●100% real carbon fiber 
●scratch resistant
●luxury surface
●light weight

Product Details
Carbon fiber chest bag

        Nowadays mobile payment is so developed, people travel with mobile phones and carry a key, so people are more and more inclined to buy small-sized bags. However, the handle bag is easy to lose, the shoulder bag is heavy and it will pull out a wet sweat, and the single shoulder bag is not stable enough... Isn't there a bag that can cater to this fast-paced urban life? In fact, the "young" carbon fiber chest bag may be a good answer to this problem. “The sparrow is small and complete” , The Carbon fiber shoulder bag can basically accommodate the daily carry-on items, and the design of the slanting chest is more intimate and safe, and the mother is no longer worried about my hand bag stolen!

Product Parameters
Size      Weight         Color     Material
290mm*180mm*60mm520gBlackCarbon fiber fabric +leather
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