Carbon fiber ring

●100% real  carbon fiber 
●Nice surface
●Meticulous and exquisite
●individual personality
●no allergies
●Min.order:1 pieces

Product Details

Tungsten Steel Ring

Product Parameters:

Size : number 6 / number 7 /number 8 /number 9 /number 10
    Weight :12g
    Color :blue silk /green silk or customized
    Material :Tungsten steel +silk carbon fiber

Package Instruction:

 Package type :gift box
    Package material :copperplate paper + velvet
    Package size :60mm*60mm*45mm
    Package weight :50g

Ordering Instructions:

    In stock :Yes
    Customize :accept
    MOQ :200 pcs
    Sample :yes
    Delivery :Express
    Delivery time :5-10 working days

Product Features:

    ●100% real carbon fiber 
    ●Nice surface
    ●Meticulous and exquisite
    ●individual personality
    ●Anti falling and corrosion prevention
    ●no allergies

Product Description:

Rings as most people like jewelry nowadays, regardless of anyone who can buy favorite ring style , small ring set on the hand, beautiful  and show the temperament of the hand. There are a variety of styles of rings on the market, and they are dazzling and colorful. Today I recommend a black technology ring (carbon fiber ring).

Lishang's carbon-fiber ring is made of tungsten steel, and its surface is electroplated in black. It is inlaid with selected carbon fiber raw materials. The simple black color reveals a hint of light and hope. Wear it and continue to fight forward together!