Carbon fiber cigar ashtray

●100% real carbon fiber 
●smooth and shiny
●Creative shape
●Nice surface

Product Details

Carbon fiber cigar ashtray

Lishang is constantly exploring the combination of carbon fiber and metal materials. This bottle opener is based on the original pure carbon fiber, perfectly combined with zinc alloy to make up for the lack of pure carbon fiber bottle opener; zinc alloy as a metal High-end materials with surface gloss, high strength, wear resistance, etc., combined with carbon fiber itself feature of light weight, high strength, unique surface. Give the whole product noble and gorgeous while more practical, and easy to  carry,  you can open your icy journey at any time.

Product Parameters
Size       Weight          Color      Material
shell 168mm*40mm ,Aluminum alloy liner outer diameter 105mm inner diameter 85mm carbon shell 77g + aluminum alloy liner 222g Black  3K carbon fiber
Package Instruction
 Package type  Package material Package size  Package weight
gift boxes copperplate paper 210mm*205mm*55mm 250g