The noblest business card -- carbon fiber business card

The noblest business card -- carbon fiber business card

Are you still looking for a noble business card?  Are you still looking for a different business card?Why don't you try a business card made from aviation materials -- carbon fiber.Distinctive business cards will instantly attract people's eyes and make a deep impression.We have professional designers, we can design and customize all kinds of carbon fiber business cards according to your requirements.


Carbon fiber business cards compared to traditional business cards

Paper business card

Material: paper

Advantages: cheap, easy to carry, light weight

Disadvantages: can not wet water, can not fold, easy to yellowing

Carbon fiber business cards

Material: 100% real carbon fiber

Advantages: easy to carry, light weight, high strength, no yellowing, no moisture, not easy to bend, bending

Disadvantages: the price is expensive

In business negotiations, if you give him a carbon-fiber business card, he will remember you a slightly expensive business card for a large customer to negotiate opportunities, the profits, far from this small business card can not be compared.

If you are looking for a noble and distinctive business card that has that innovative factor, Why not try  Carbon fiber business cards  made from aircraft-grade materials. Lishang is the first comprehensive company focusing on the design, production and sales of carbon fiber craft gifts.Contact us now if you want to purchase  Carbon fiber business cards