The most noble tissue holder -- carbon fiber tissue holder

The most noble tissue holder -- carbon fiber tissue holder

There are many carbon fiber materials used in cars, such as carbon fiber car hood, carbon fiber car interior.Carbon fiber interior decoration is widely used in all kinds of luxury cars.This time, LS carbon life brings you a carbon fiber tissue holder.


Made of 100% aviation grade carbon fiber, this carbon fiber tissue box has a thin exterior design and can be placed on the dashboard without obstructing the front line of sight.Square appearance at the corner of the use of sleek, black appearance, unique surface of the business style all show luxury.

Carbon fiber tissue holder space is suitable for all kinds of paper towels on the market, a simple replacement to make your paper towel box instantly clean class rise.It is convenient to use one hand for paper extraction

If you are looking for an amazing gift that has that innovative factor, Why not try carbon fiber tissue holder made from aircraft-grade materials. Lishang is the first comprehensive company focusing on the design, production and sales of carbon fiber craft gifts.Contact us now if you want to purchase carbon fiber tissue holder .