Several simple and portable carbon fiber products

    For many friends, some of the daily necessities are large and heavy. It is difficult to dig in the bag, and it is heavy in the pocket, and it has a fall feeling when it is buckled at the waist. Simple and portable is the mainstream now.

    Do you think that the wallet you usually carry is not only bulky but also heavy. It will be obviously unsafe to put it in the trouser bag, and it will feel pressure when sitting in the back pocket of the trousers. Doing this for a long time will cause waist disease. This carbon fiber card holder is a good alternative to wallets. This carbon fiber card holder has a simple design and large capacity card storage to meet the needs of daily cards. The carbon fiber RFID isolation function can also protect the card information leakage. This carbon fiber card holder is very thin, and it is very portable in the pocket.

    Nowadays, mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger and more and more inconvenient to carry. It is not convenient to take them out of the bag, and they are heavy and scared in the pocket. Therefore, many people will choose to take a mobile phone bag out, then you must not miss this carbon fiber mobile phone bag. Carbon fiber is lighter than one-fifth and lighter than aluminum. The capacity of mobile phone pockets is very large to meet the needs of various mobile phones. This phone bag also comes with a card storage pocket for everyday cards and change.

    The keys are cumbersome? It's also difficult to find the key you want when a bunch of keys are chained together. So why don't you try this carbon fiber keychain? Carbon fiber key organizer is a very practical key storage tool. In the opening method, the key can be unfolded like a Swiss army knife to play the effect of storing the key. Organize your keys neatly so that the keys are not cluttered. Creative and novel small objects. The Carbon fiber key organizer is a simple and practical key storage tool. Don't worry about the keys making noise and scratching the mobile wallet and other items when walking.

    I hope that these simple and portable carbon fiber products will give you a new experience and enjoy life with carbon.