Instantly eye-catching carbon fiber daily necessities

Instantly eye-catching carbon fiber daily necessities

        Do you have the feeling that carbon fiber "both familiar and unfamiliar"?Because a lot of people's understanding of carbon fiber basically comes from the production of aviation space shuttle, rockets, ships and other high equipment, but there is carbon fiber around but few people know, so people feel familiar and strange to carbon fiber cognition.

        So let's take a look at some of the carbon fiber daily necessities.

        There is no shortage of tissue paper in our home, but we often cannot find it when we need it. The main reason is that the packaging of tissue paper is so common that it is often submerged in the clutter in the home. At this time, if there is a nice and interesting carbon fiber tissue box, it will be different.

        A nice-looking and interesting carbon-fiber tissue box can be instantly visible in a pile of clutter, and a nice-looking tissue box can also be used as an ornament to complement the surroundings.

        Will this carbon fiber ashtray catch your eye?Placed on the tea table will instantly attract attention, unique appearance lines, black surface and the surrounding environment are appropriate.

        When you happen to meet friends to open part of the home want to open beer but can not find the bottle opener how to do.A regular bottle opener is easy to get lost at home  , so why not try this carbon fiber bottle opener.

        The distinctive black texture of carbon fiber tends to attract attention quickly and can be found in a pile of clutter.The opening is made of zinc alloy, which is more durable. The overall use of carbon fiber material is very lightweight.
        Contracted modelling is designed, with contemporary and simple household can blend very well, simple design often just can attract eyeball.Pay attention to LS carbon, take you to appreciate the beauty of carbon fiber, with us to enjoy carbon life.