Full of technology flavor of playing cards --carbon fiber playing cards


Full of technology flavor of playing cards --carbon fiber playing cards

My friend, do you usually play cards when you meet with friends?  I like to play cards with friends at the party. Our designers found many shortcomings in traditional pokerso our designers combine carbon fiber with traditional poker to make up for the shortcomings of traditional poker.


Carbon fiber playing cards compared with traditional playing cards

Traditional playing cards


Advantages:  easy to carry, light weight

Insufficient: Cannot be recovered after 90° , Can not wash with water, shuffle the number of    cards will be soft.

Carbon fiber playing cards

Material:3k carbon fiber

Advantages : easy to carry, light weight,it is so easy to shuffle these cards compared with the traditional playing cards,Reshuffle will not be soft,Fold 90°for instant     recovery,100% waterproof, if the cards become dirty or have any stain on the surface, you can put the cards into the water directly and clean them

Carbon fiber poker playing cards based on a simple concept of pursuing coolness, this is a dark and stylish black on black colored deck of cards with original face card designs.Carbon fiber weave on the surface makes the card full of technology

If you are looking for an amazing gift that has that innovative factor, Why not try  carbon fiber poker playing cards made from aircraft-grade materials. Lishang is the first comprehensive company focusing on the design, production and sales of carbon fiber craft gifts.Contact us now if you want to purchase  carbon fiber poker playing cards