Endless Creativity! The most "expensive" bottle opener keychain in the word - Design Appreciation

bottle opener keychainFriends who like to drink, especially beer, bottle opener keychain is a standard tool, it can help us to open the bottle quickly and easily. With the development of modern industrial products, the bottle opener has evolved from the first generation to the third generation, from the plastic bottle opener to various of metal bottle openers, and then turn to the emergence of various new technology and new material bottle openers. It has gone through decades of development. Now LiShang Carbon Industrial share the most “expensive” opener in the creative history to us :
Believing many of international friends like pandas, but never seen the panda. This time, the designer of LiShang show the most realistic cartoon image of the panda to everyone. This bottle opener not only combines the new material carbon fiber with zinc alloy, but also integrates into Chinese culture, and the Chinese national animal protection panda, the perfect way to show the image of the national treasure through the keychain bottle opener. The cartoon image of a rare panda image is combined with the black gold carbon fiber material. A variety of composite processes are used to give the entire product 3D texture. Whether as a gift, collection, or own, it's very valuable, so this keychain bottle opener is called the most "expensive" bottle opener in the word .