Carbon fiber sunglasses are the perfect choice for summer

The harsh summer sun makes many people wear sunglasses. Today we recommend carbon fiber sunglasses
What is carbon fiber
Carbon fiber is a kind of special fiber composed of carbon element.It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, friction resistance, electric conductivity, heat conduction and corrosion resistance, etc. Due to the preferred orientation of its graphite microcrystalline structure along the fiber axis, it has high strength and modulus along the fiber axis direction.The density of carbon fiber is low, so specific strength and specific modulus are high.The main use of carbon fiber is as a reinforcing material and resin, metal, ceramic and carbon composite, making advanced composite materials.Carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin composite has the highest specific strength and modulus among existing engineering materials.  

Why use carbon fiber for glasses frame?

Carbon fiber is soft and mild ,wear comfortable and allergy-free.
Ti glasses frame is about 4.5g/cm3,carbon fiber glasses frame is about 1.6g/cm3. The same shape of the sunglasses, carbon fiber weight is half of Ti. Carbon fiber glasses are lighter to wear.
Ti is 2 times harder than iron  Carbon fiber is 10 times harder than iron
Carbon fiber glasses have the advantages of corrosion resistance, high strength, good elasticity, good toughness, not easy to deform and fade.
The above comparison shows that carbon fiber glasses are of better quality, lighter weight and more environmentally friendly.