Carbon fiber money clip combining technology and art

Tired of a heavy wallet,why don’t you try a carbon fiber money clip? Carbon fiber clip is thinner and lighter than a traditional wallet.what’s more, you'll be surprised to find that this 100% carbon money clip  with a 3k pattern on the surface matches all your pants. Carbon fiber money holder give you a lightness that traditional wallets can't.

RFID Blocking

Carbon fiber clip are made of 100% carbon fiber, so they have one of the characteristics of carbon fiber -- RFID blocking, which effectively prevents your credit cards and bank cards from being stolen and fraudulently by RFID.So make sure your wallet has RFID blocking.


Carbon fiber (aviation composite) offers an air of luxury , while the 3k weave textures on the money clip surface is fashionable and simple.


Our clip are very durable, not only have the appearance of a work of art, but also have the strength of steel, very light weight, and corrosion resistance.A perfect substitute for a wallet.

Trust us carbon fiber money clip is a perfect choice for those who like simple style and leisure.