Carbon fiber crutches are the best crutches in the world

Carbon fiber crutches are the best crutches in the world

Carbon fiber materials have been used in a variety of industries because of their superior performance, and today carbon fiber materials are also being used in medical devices. The engineers of Lishang know carbon fiber materials Light weight and high hardness so they design a carbon fiber crutch.I believe that the crutch made of carbon fiber material is a development trend, and it will replace the tradition crutch in the future.


Comparison of traditional crutch and carbon fiber crutch


Aluminum crutch:

Material: Aluminum alloy

Advantages: light, foldable, easy to carry, and cheap

Disadvantages: The strength is not high and it is easy to bend.


Traditional crutch:

Material: wood

Advantages: high strength and comfortable hand

Disadvantages: heavy weight, unfoldable, not convenient to carry


Carbon fiber crutch:

Material: carbon fiber

Advantages: light, high strength, foldable, easy to carry, comfortable to touch

Disadvantages: No



As we said, Carbon fiber is perfect for walking sticks. So the development of crutch in the future will certainly be a major trend in the development of crutch.


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