A summer necessity-carbon fiber bottle opener

In hot summer we would like to drink some iced beer to cold down isn't it?What are you going to do when you have not tool to open beerUsing your teethusing key or using bricks Today, we introduce carbon fiber bottle opener .


Why use carbon fiber for bottle opener


Carbon fiber bottle opener is made from 100% carbon fiber and Epoxy Resin.


The specific gravity of carbon fiber is 1.6g/cm3. The specific gravity of stainless steel is between 7.70 and 8.00g/cm3.Carbon fiber bottle openers are lighter and more portable



Carbon fibre is lighter than aluminium, harder than steel and 10 times stronger than iron.


The bottle opener made of stainless steel feels bad,what’s more the bottle opener made of carbon fiber  don't have the cold feel of stainless steel


Carbon fiber bottle opener is a High-end fashion stylish necessity , It is simple in design and durable, making it a perfect gift for any occasion.