Carbon Fiber Craft Gifts Debut in Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair

The 34th Hong Kong Gifts and Premiums Fair, hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, was successfully held in Hong Kong from May 27th to 30th . The exhibition has successfully concluded. This large-scale gift show attracted nearly 50,000 international buyers, and the crowds were full of excitement. Lishang also took full advantage of this golden opportunity to bloom with dazzling brilliance. As the exclusive carbon fiber craft gift exhibitor of this year's exhibition, it is both the first show and the ready-made! Constant innovation, 5 series, various new products, humanized and delicate design, give carbon fiber craft gift a new vitality, but also inject new power into the industry.
The crowds in the exhibition fully reflected the love of foreign friends for carbon fiber craft gifts. The Lishang team, who is busy at the exhibition site, enthusiastically treats every customer who comes to inquire, their positive attitude, charming smile, mobilize the atmosphere of the scene, and let customers have a closer understanding with carbon fiber craft gifts. As a gift show, most customers have a strong interest in carbon fiber keychains, carbon fiber bottle openers, carbon fiber business card holders (card holders)!
In the past few days of the exhibition, under the efforts of the team of Lishang, the popularity has not diminished. Many customers are willing to stay and learn about carbon fiber products before they go to the Lishang booth. Some of them are the first to know about carbon fiber gifts, and some are very interested in carbon fiber gifts. After the on-site understanding and experience, they are recognized and Expressed a strong intention to cooperate. There are also some planning companies and gift companies that come to the exhibition, and they also hope that they can use their elements or products when customizing commemorative gifts. Business cards have been exchanged at the exhibition, and only for further communication and cooperation. And on the last day, carbon fiber business card holders, carbon fiber key chains, carbon fiber wallets, carbon fiber ring and carbon fiber pickleball paddles were all sold out.
Although the exhibition has ended, the spillover effect of the exhibition is still emerging. The first time we organized the exhibition, we were full of rewards. With the product innovation and professional service, Lishang attracted everyone's attention. During the four days of exhibition time, we collected nearly 300 customers and nearly 50 intent customers. After the exhibition, the cooperation intentions have been intensified in the in-depth docking.